Remembrance Sunday: November 8th



    It was always going to be Remembrance Sunday with a difference in 2020 as we knew we had to encourage people not to come to services and parades. We weren’t aware until last Saturday evening how different it would be with the announcement of a 2nd National Lockdown.

  So what can we bring to you?

   A video service for this Sunday. This can be found at

   We were aware that cities and big towns were producing online material. We had a vision for something that covered our area.

    We offer this to you as a way of observing Remembrance Sunday in your own home - we’re not hi-tech and have a lot to learn and improve on, but we pray this video will be a helpful part of your Remembrance Day rooted in our area of NW Leicester – from Moira to Swepstone, from Norton juxta Twycross to Packington.

     We have been to each of the 8 war memorials in the area and you will hear the reading of the names recorded on them – as would have happened if we were there in person. That will be followed by the 2 mins silence. The 2 minutes silence starts 32 minutes into the video if you want to join in the National 2 minute silence. This video is not a live Zoom service but is on YouTube.

Church services are now not allowed.

   We had planned a service at church for Remembrance Sunday but that is not possible. Public church services are not allowed during the Lockdown.  However, Measham Church is open for private prayer and contemplation in the week Tuesdays-Thursdays 10am – 4pm.

Bosworth Road War Memorial

  There will be no public Act of Remembrance at Bosworth Road this year. The Garden is open for private remembrance and for the laying of a wreath.

Visit the British Legion site: Donate and you can download a colouring poppy sheet to put in your window

A Zoom service at 5pm

   For this we will be focussing on the topic of freedom as a follow-on from the morning of Remembering. If you wish to join in, contact Vivien on

Revd Vivien Elphick. November 4th 2020

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